Outcome 5c

Demonstrate leadership principles in an educational, professional, or community context.

For LIS 707 Leadership, Marketing, and Strategic Communication, our final project was to create a presentation in the context of an (imagined) job interview with a (real) library, proposing some sort of project or initiative to the library that I would be implementing or spearheading were I to be hired for the position there. This was certainly a novel way to think about the job interview process, and I found that the exercise challenged me to think about the interview process from the perspective of the employer, asking many of the same questions about the prospective new hire that I, as a job candidate, have asked myself about a potential workplace : is this going to be interesting? Am I going to be challenged in a good way? Is there something new here that I haven’t thought of before?

My proposal was to create a new kind of digital media service at my local branch library.

The Powerpoint Presentation outlining my idea.

Below are the supporting documents with the details of my plan:

Jason Grey, MLIS