Outcome 3c

Evaluate resources or tools that manage and facilitate access to information.

The final project for LIS 883, Big Data and Competitive Intelligence, was to conceive of and execute a report to compare the capabilities of two major software packages for data visualization, Tableau Public and Microsoft Power BI. I used each program to create two data visualizations from public data sets that related in some way to Covid-19; the City of Chicago’s record of applications for sidewalk cafes for the year 2020, and a dataset from Google BigQuery tracking the closures of various public services in the United States because of the pandemic.

the report as a PDF.

The Tableau visualizations referred to in the report are included here in all their interactive glory.

The Microsoft Power BI visualizations cannot be embedded or viewed by the general public, sadly, as my licensing period for use of the software has expired.

Jason Grey, MLIS