Outcome 4b

Evaluate current and emerging technologies for information capture, organization, dissemination, access, and/or curation to meet the variety of information needs of diverse communities.

After learning to the data visualization tool Tableau in LIS 884 Big Data and Competitive Intelligence, I became quite fond of it and worked on several projects for my own edification and amusement. I have been a reader of the visual design guru Edward Tufte for a long time, and applied some of the principles I have learned from his book (and one online seminar) to my web design practices for a while; coming up with my own datasets and building data visualizations from scratch is both fun and maddening, as I realize how hard it is to make everything look easy.

The visualizations presented here should be mostly self-explanatory; that’s the idea, anyway. If they’re not, than they have room for improvement. Of course, there’s always room for improvement.

Jason Grey, MLIS